Feb 17, 2016

It's a new season.....

There's been a lot of changes since my last post......Killian has graduated, Lotus is midway through her 9th grade year, our foster daughter who we were doing preschool with has went home and we've gained a sweet little baby boy that keeps us busy. All in all its been a busy season and Im kinda hoping the pace can slow down a bit.

Since starting this homeschooling journey Ive learned a lot about myself. I had big dreams for homeschooling and honestly real life got in the way of those dreams a lot of the time, but weve managed to make some good memories. Fostering has definitely brought some changes to our routine & brought us closer to home but its also brought its own lessons for both myself and my kids that we would not have learned otherwise.

As for the kids, well Killian is getting established with work and will hopefully be interning with some family friends to get a clearer picture of whats out there. Lotus is attending a co-op now which she loves and planning on getting a job soon so that she can gain some work experience. And the baby well he's doing typical baby stuff; which means growing at a tremendous rate.

All in all its an exciting season filled with challenges and growth. You know the stuff homeschooling is made of. Keep checking in. Who knows what the future holds. :)

May 22, 2014

2014-2015 School Year...

So were coming to the end of one school yr and moving into the start of another in June. Why so soon? Well this yr were starting yr around school; which is actually something weve been kinda doing but usually with make up being in the summer. But this year our schedule will look like this with each month having 15 days of schooling totaling 45 days each quarter and 180 days a yr. A plan I wish we had adopted earlier on.

Summer- June, July, August
Fall- September, October, November
Winter- December, January, February
Spring- March, April, May

In other news Killian is starting his senior year and making decisions about what is future looks like. Realistically college is probably not in his future right away, but my hope is that he takes a year to get some real life experience and just learn about what its like to work hard. And he has shown some interest in going into the Knoxville Police Cadet Program at the end of the yr which I think would be an amazing way for him to build confidence and figure out what he really wants to do. In the meantime though were looking into jobs and building those skills that will help in the workforce.

Lotus on the other hand has dreams of becoming a Park Ranger and will be starting to earn credits toward graduation this year in the hopes of going to college. But she has also shown quite a bit of interest in photography so she's exploring that as well.

Both have a lot to learn about being consistent in whatever they do and working daily towards their goals, but I have hopes for this school year and what they can accomplish. So feel free to check back and see whats next for the Mighty Masters Academy.

May 13, 2013

Bridging the Gap...

Bridging Phonics for Middle School Students
One of the things that Lo & I will be committing to studying over the summer is phonics. As a lack of understanding in basic phonic skills is the reason behind most of her spelling mistakes. Thankfully I found this resource to help us along. I'll admit I am a bit of a workbook fanatic so this makes me very happy. Hopefully this will help us bridge the gap or better yet fill in the gap completely.

Apr 27, 2013

End of year/ Summer School...

A short break during late November through January means an extended school year for us, but that doesnt mean we cant finish strong in some classes.

So far we've been able to finish up Killian's math for the year; which means he will be free of his least favorite subject for the summer. And in the next few weeks we will do a quick review of the TN Drivers License manual in hopes of getting his learners permit in June. Pray God gives this mama lots of patience once he's behind the wheel. Luckily for him we will only have to finish up his Physical Science this summer & perhaps go ahead and take Health & Wellness, but thats still to be decided. My hope is that we can accomplish as much as possible before his 12th grade year.

Lotus is a little less lucky and will be finishing up the majority of her classes during the summer, but she will manage to be done with US History by the end of May. We will also be closing up the Write Shop (see note below) and focusing on spelling, vocab and some problems she's having with phonics. As for science were still uncertain if were going to work through the summer or just wait til next year. However science is sooo much more fun in the summer months. Nothing like studying fungi when you can actually get outside and look at fungi.

I guess this means I will be very busy in the next few months, but dont worry most of this will be done creekside or poolside. You know, homeschool style.

(A few months in we decided to switch Lotus over to the Write Shop study that we are using with Killian and incorporate more individual studies in grammar.This program will be worked on over the next couple of years. So far we are loving it!!)

Aug 17, 2012

Dictation Lessons....


 Another year has begun, but this time I'm equipped with a newer version of Word. Which means I'm a document making queen and the kids have all sorts of cool stuff to go along with their homeschooling.

This year makes Lotus' 3rd year using Learning Language Arts through Literature which is a great language arts curriculum, but this year I decided to avoid writing in the books. So I got busy making a pdf of the first 9 dictation lessons so we can work from those. Of course this was probably somewhere already made for me in the online world, but I couldnt find it. The plan is to make one for each of the lessons, but til then Ive taken care of the 1st 9weeks.

So check it out and please feel free to use it, share it, throw it away. Whatever!! This comes from the 98' version of the LLATL Tan Book which is about the same as the rest. And includes lessons 1-9.  Check back later for the other lessons which I plan to have done in about 3 weeks. Enjoy. 

Lessons 1-9 Tan Book/ LLATL